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Wife of State Governor, Hajiya Nafisa Nasir Idris, Promises Increased Dividends of Democracy to the People of the State

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Wife of State Governor, Hajiya Nafisa Nasir Idris, Promises Increased Dividends of Democracy to the People of the State

NANAS Charity Foundation Founder Grateful for Warm Welcome, Calls for Peaceful Coexistence and Support to the Present Administration

Hajiya Nafisa Nasir Idris, fondly known as Gimbiyar Basaura, and the esteemed founder of the NANAS Charity Foundation, has assured the people of the state of even more significant dividends of democracy. Her commitment to serving the people was reaffirmed upon her return from a visit to Saudi Arabia. Hajiya Nafisa expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome she received upon her arrival back in the state and used the opportunity to call for continued prayers for peaceful coexistence within the state and the entire country.

Gimbiyar Basaura’s dedication to the welfare of the people has been a shining beacon of hope and compassion throughout her tenure. Her philanthropic efforts through the NANAS Charity Foundation have positively impacted countless lives in various communities, and she pledged to continue the good work for the betterment of the state.

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Addressing a gathering of supporters and well-wishers, Hajiya Nafisa Nasir Idris conveyed her sincere appreciation for their unwavering support and encouragement. She emphasized the importance of unity and harmony among the people, urging everyone to join hands in fostering peaceful coexistence in the state. It is her belief that only through unity can the state thrive and continue on a path of progress and development.

Furthermore, Hajiya Nafisa called upon the people to extend their full support to the present administration, recognizing the crucial role it plays in ensuring a prosperous future for the state. Acknowledging the challenges faced by the government, she urged citizens to work collaboratively with the administration in order to achieve success and prosperity for all.

The NANAS Charity Foundation, under Hajiya Nafisa’s exemplary leadership, has been at the forefront of various charitable initiatives aimed at alleviating poverty, empowering women, providing healthcare services, and supporting education in the state. With her unwavering commitment, the foundation is poised to expand its reach and impact even more lives in the future.

As the wife of the state governor, Hajiya Nafisa Nasir Idris has leveraged her position to be a catalyst for positive change, championing causes that uplift the most vulnerable members of society. Her dedication to improving the lives of the people is evident in the tireless efforts she has put into her charity work and community outreach programs.

The people of the state have much to anticipate with Hajiya Nafisa Nasir Idris’ promise of increased dividends of democracy. As the founder of NANAS Charity Foundation and the esteemed wife of the state governor, she continues to inspire hope, compassion, and progress for the state and its citizens. Together, with unity and support for the present administration, the future holds the promise of a thriving and prosperous state for all.

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