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Wike Bans Street Trading in Abuja Due to Criminal Exploitation by Corn Sellers

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In a decisive move aimed at tackling the growing concerns of criminal activities and insecurity within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Minister Nyesom Wike has imposed a ban on street trading across the city of Abuja. This strategic action comes as part of a broader initiative to enhance security measures and maintain order in the nation’s capital.

Minister Wike made these intentions clear during a recent meeting involving key figures from the Federal Capital Territory Administration and the Federal Capital Development Authority. During the meeting, he explicitly linked street trading, particularly the sale of corn, to unintentional criminal collaboration. He stressed that the disposal of waste by street vendors, including corn sellers, was contributing to issues of insecurity.

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The Minister highlighted a concerning trend where criminals were exploiting the presence of street vendors, especially those selling corn, as a means of gathering information. He emphasized the necessity to address street vending to curb this unintended alliance between vendors and criminal elements.

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“Criminals come to buy and use the opportunity to spy and give information to criminals. It is imperative we clear street hawkers,” Minister Wike affirmed. Additionally, he addressed the prevalence of unauthorized structures and makeshift settlements across the city. Regardless of the status of those involved, Wike declared that illegal structures would face demolition as part of the crackdown on disorder and insecurity.

The ban on street trading showcases Minister Wike’s commitment to enhancing security and fostering a cleaner, more organized environment in the FCT. By prohibiting street trading, the authorities aim to mitigate potential security risks while maintaining a better level of cleanliness within the city.

An essential aspect of the administration’s strategy is to exercise better control over urban development. The proliferation of illegal structures has been identified as a significant challenge, which the Minister aims to tackle head-on. This approach aligns with the broader goal of creating an urban landscape that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

The decision to ban street trading has sparked a range of reactions from the community. While some residents support the move, citing concerns about security and the overall image of the city, others express apprehension about the potential impact on the livelihoods of street traders. Balancing the security imperative with the economic needs of the affected individuals remains a challenge that the administration must address in its implementation.

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Minister Wike’s ban on street trading in the FCT underscores a proactive stance toward addressing security challenges and promoting a safer urban environment. By taking decisive action and addressing concerns in a comprehensive manner, the administration aims to strike a balance between security and economic considerations.

The prohibition of street trading in Abuja represents a pivotal step in tackling the issue of criminal exploitation and insecurity. Minister Wike’s resolute approach signifies a commitment to creating a safer and more organized city while ensuring that the economic concerns of affected individuals are not overlooked.

Source: Daily Post – Wike Prohibits Street Trading, Says Criminals Using Corn Sellers in Abuja

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