Best Telegram Mining Bots to Concentrate On That Will Launch in June 2024

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Best Telegram Mining Bots to Concentrate On That Will Launch in June 2024

30th May 2024, Kebbi, Nigeria – With the rise in cryptocurrency interest, particularly in Nigeria, Telegram mining bots have captured the attention of many enthusiasts. Following the success of Notcoin, more Nigerians are dedicating time and effort to these mining games. However, distinguishing legitimate projects from scams remains a challenge. Here, we highlight the most promising Telegram mining bots set to launch soon, providing essential insights for interested users.

1. Tapswap: The Most Talked-About Telegram Mining Bot

Tapswap has attracted significant attention with over 13 million followers in its community. Initially set to launch its Taps coin ($TAPS) on 30th May 2024, the launch has been postponed to 1st June 2024 due to some detected bad activity in their mining game. Tapswap is investigating users employing automated tools for mining and warns that accounts using bots or auto clickers will be banned. Despite some concerns about the withdrawal process post-launch, Tapswap’s expanding user base and discussions with various exchanges indicate significant potential.

Join Tapswap Mining: Tapswap Mining

2. AVACOIN: New Contender with Solid Backing

Launching on 1st June 2024, AVACOIN has quickly built a community of 1.1 million members since March 2024. Users mine Gold Dust, which is convertible to AVACOIN tokens. The project is in discussions with major exchanges like Binance and Kucoin, promising strong post-launch support. AVACOIN advises users to set up a Telegram Wallet or Ton Wallet for smooth withdrawal processes.



Join AVACOIN Mining: AVACOIN Mining

3. Hamster Kombat: The Giant in Telegram Mining

With a staggering 17 million followers on Telegram and 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Hamster Kombat is the most followed mining bot. Although the launch date is not officially announced, expectations are high for a June 2024 release. The massive community support makes this bot a must-watch for mining enthusiasts.

Join Hamster Kombat Mining: Hamster Kombat Mining

4. Memefi: Rising Star in the Mining Scene

Memefi, with over 2.2 million followers, is in talks with multiple exchanges for its $MEMEFI coin. Although the launch date is not set, indications suggest a June 2024 debut. Memefi’s growing community and active discussions with exchanges add to its credibility.

Join Memefi Mining: Memefi Mining

5. Yescoin: Dual-Bot System for Enhanced Mining

Yescoin operates two distinct mining bots, both considered legitimate and reliable. This dual-bot system enhances mining opportunities and provides more flexibility for users. While the launch date is yet to be announced, the project’s structure and community support highlight its potential.

Join Yescoin Mining:

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6. W-Coin: Trusted and Well-Known

With a community of 1 million members, W-Coin is a reputable name in the Telegram mining space. Its established presence and user trust make it a significant player to consider.

Join W-Coin Mining: W-Coin Mining

7. CEX-IO: Bridging Exchange and Mining

CEX-IO, a known cryptocurrency exchange, is venturing into Telegram mining to attract more users. The integration of mining and exchange services aims to provide a seamless experience for users.

Join CEX-IO Mining: CEX-IO Mining

8. Blum: Crypto Exchange Turned Mining Platform

Blum, with 4.4 million Telegram members, is leveraging its exchange platform to offer a mining game, enhancing user engagement and driving app adoption.

Join Blum Mining: Blum Mining

9. Truecoin: Spin and Win Concept

Truecoin combines a spin-to-win game with mining, offering users the chance to earn real coins and USDT. The unique concept and integrated True Wallet provide added value to users.

Join Truecoin Mining: Truecoin Mining

10. Mine HOT: Expanding the NEAR Ecosystem

Known for its NEAR coin, Mine HOT plans to introduce the HOT coin for mining. Its established presence on exchanges and future plans make it a noteworthy option.

Join Mine HOT Mining: Mine HOT Mining

Recommendations for Enthusiasts

  • Conduct Thorough Research: Verify the legitimacy and credibility of each project before investing time or resources.
  • Stay Updated: Follow the official Telegram channels and social media platforms for the latest announcements and updates.
  • Avoid Automation Tools: As advised by several mining bots, using automated tools can lead to account bans.

By focusing on projects with strong community support and transparent operations, Nigerians can navigate the booming Telegram mining scene with greater confidence and security.

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