Comprehensive List of Nigerian Banks and Their SWIFT Codes for International Transactions

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Comprehensive List of Nigerian Banks and Their SWIFT Codes for International Transactions

In today’s interconnected world, international financial transactions have become an integral part of global business and personal interactions. One crucial aspect of these transactions is the use of SWIFT codes, also known as Business Identifier Codes (BICs), which help identify specific banks during cross-border transfers. In Nigeria, a country with a thriving banking sector, several prominent banks operate, each with its unique SWIFT code for seamless international transfers.

Here is a compiled list of major Nigerian banks and their corresponding SWIFT codes, essential information for anyone engaging in international financial activities. It is important to note that these SWIFT codes are typically used for the banks’ headquarters or Lagos branches. For more specific branch codes, individuals should refer to their respective banks.

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1. Access Bank (Access): ABNGNGLA
Access Bank, a leading Nigerian financial institution, facilitates international transactions through its SWIFT code ABNGNGLA.

2. Ecobank Nigeria (Ecobank): ECOCNGLA
Ecobank Nigeria employs the SWIFT code ECOCNGLA to streamline international money transfers.


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3. Fidelity Bank (Fidelity): FIDTNGLA
Fidelity Bank, a customer-centric bank, relies on the SWIFT code FIDTNGLA for global financial operations.

4. First Bank of Nigeria (First Bank): FBNINGLA
First Bank of Nigeria, a longstanding player in the Nigerian banking sector, utilizes the SWIFT code FBNINGLA for international transactions.

5. First City Monument Bank (FCMB): FCMBNGLA
FCMB uses the SWIFT code FCMBNGLA to enable secure and efficient cross-border transfers.

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6. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank): GTBINGLA
Known for its innovative banking solutions, GTBank employs the SWIFT code GTBINGLA for international financial activities.

7. Heritage Bank (Heritage): HBCLNGLA
Heritage Bank facilitates international transactions through its SWIFT code HBCLNGLA, ensuring a smooth cross-border experience.

8. Jaiz Bank (Jaiz): JAIZNGLA
Jaiz Bank, a non-interest bank, employs the SWIFT code JAIZNGLA to facilitate ethical financial transactions across borders.

9. Keystone Bank (Keystone): PLNINGLA
Keystone Bank utilizes the SWIFT code PLNINGLA for seamless international money transfers.

10. Polaris Bank (Polaris): PRDRNGLA
Polaris Bank, committed to delivering exceptional financial services, relies on the SWIFT code PRDRNGLA for global transactions.

These SWIFT codes serve as crucial identifiers during international financial transactions, ensuring that funds reach their intended destinations accurately and securely. While the above list includes some of the prominent Nigerian banks, it is essential to verify specific branch codes for precise transactions. As global financial interactions continue to evolve, these SWIFT codes play a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of cross-border transfers.

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