Hamster Kombat Reveals the Most Important Coin to Focus On

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Hamster Kombat Reveals the Most Important Coin to Focus On

In a recent update from the Hamster Kombat Mining team, players are urged to understand the importance of profit per hour over mere coin accumulation. This clarification comes amidst a flurry of queries and comments from the player community.

Key Update: Airdrop Criteria

The upcoming airdrop event will be determined based on profit per hour and other activity parameters rather than the total coin balance. This shift encourages players to engage more strategically within the game, focusing on optimizing their mining efficiency and overall activity levels.

Play wisely! This is the core message from the Hamster Kombat Mining team. It’s not just about hoarding coins but maximizing your hourly profits through smart gameplay and consistent activity.

Server Issues and Ongoing Fixes

The team acknowledges ongoing server issues affecting the game experience. They assure players that they are working tirelessly to resolve these problems as quickly as possible, aiming to restore smooth and enjoyable gameplay. The team’s dedication to maintaining the game’s quality and player satisfaction remains unwavering.



“Hamsters are the new whales!” This playful statement highlights the game’s unique approach, positioning these small yet mighty creatures as key players in the mining world.

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What determines the airdrop eligibility?

Airdrop eligibility will be based on profit per hour and additional activity parameters that will be revealed later. This approach ensures that active and strategic players are rewarded accordingly.

How can I increase my profit per hour?

To increase your profit per hour, focus on optimizing your mining strategies, staying active within the game, and utilizing any available upgrades or boosts to enhance your efficiency.

What should I do if I experience server issues?

If you encounter server issues, rest assured that the team is working diligently to fix them. Keep an eye on official announcements for updates on the situation.

Will my coin balance affect my standing in the game?

While coin balance is important, the new focus for airdrop eligibility is on profit per hour and activity. Therefore, prioritize strategies that maximize your hourly profits.

Strategic Gameplay Tips

  1. Optimize Mining Equipment: Ensure that your mining rigs are always upgraded to the highest efficiency possible.
  2. Stay Active: Regularly engage with the game to maximize your activity score.
  3. Use Boosts Wisely: Take advantage of any available boosts to enhance your mining capabilities temporarily.
  4. Monitor Updates: Keep an eye on official updates for any changes or new strategies that can help improve your profit per hour.


This update is a crucial reminder for all Hamster Kombat Mining players to adjust their strategies, focusing on profit per hour to maximize their rewards. As the team works on resolving server issues, players are encouraged to stay engaged and optimize their gameplay for the upcoming airdrop event.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Hamster Kombat Mining team, and keep mining wisely!

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By adhering to these new guidelines and focusing on efficient gameplay, players can ensure they are well-prepared for the exciting events ahead in Hamster Kombat Mining.

About Hamster Kombat Mining

Hamster Kombat Mining is a popular blockchain-based game where players mine for digital rewards using virtual hamsters. The game combines strategic gameplay with the excitement of cryptocurrency mining, creating a unique and engaging experience for players worldwide.

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