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JUST IN: Nigeria Has Greater GDP Growth Than the United States – Report

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Buhari and Joe Biden (GDP Growth)
Today, a report released by the IMF revealed that some major countries have GDP growth, and that Nigeria is the eighth country among the countries with the highest GDP growth.
The information explains how fourteen countries have GDP growth in the year 2022.
The first country with the fastest growing GDP is Saudi Arabia, which has a GDP growth rate of 7.6%; the second country is India, which has a GDP growth rate of 6.8%; and the third country is Spain, which has a GDP growth rate of 4.3%.
The other countries that follow include the United Kingdom, which has 3.6%, then Canada, which has a GDP growth of 3.3%, then China, Italy, and Nigeria, which have the same GDP growth, at 3.2 percent.
Other countries include Brazil, which has 2.8%, then France, which has 2.5%, then Japan, which has 1.7%, then the United States, which has 1.6%, then Germany has 1.5%, and Russia has -3.4%.
As reported by Spectator Index, “GDP growth, 2022.”
Saudi Arabia: 7.6%,
 India: 6.8%
 Spain: 4.3%; the United Kingdom: 3.6%; and Canada: 3.3%3.2% in China; 3.2% in ItalyNigeria: 3.2%
 Brazil: 2.8%
 France: 2.5%
 Japan: 1.7%
 Germany: 1.5%, the United States: 1.6%Russia: -3.4%
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