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National Population Commission Expects New Census Date from Tinubu’s Administration to Address Socio-Economic Challenges

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NPC Commissioner Isah Kwarra and President Tinubu

The National Population Commission (NPC) is eagerly awaiting the announcement of a new date for the National Housing and Population Census in Nigeria. The commission believes that the data generated from this crucial exercise will play a pivotal role in helping the federal government mitigate the socio-economic challenges that may arise from the removal of fuel subsidies. The postponement of the census by the previous administration was aimed at allowing the new administration, led by Tinubu, to contribute to the census process and ensure its effectiveness.


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The Significance of the Census:

The census holds immense importance as it serves as a vital tool in tracking progress towards national and internationally agreed development goals. Planners rely on accurate population information to analyze demographic and socio-economic trends, assess prevailing conditions, design evidence-based poverty-reduction strategies, and evaluate the effectiveness of policies. Hence, the NPC underscores the indispensability of conducting the census to facilitate informed decision-making and comprehensive development planning.

Postponement for Enhanced Preparedness:

The NPC’s Federal Commissioner representing Enugu State, Ejike Ezeh, expressed gratitude for the postponement of the census, which provided the commission with an opportunity to refine its processes and systems for the successful implementation of the first-ever digital census in Nigeria. The former president, Muhammadu Buhari, praised the commission for its progress and encouraged the incoming administration to actively contribute to the census process.

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New Date Expectations:

As the NPC eagerly awaits the announcement of the new census date from Tinubu’s administration, it remains committed to ensuring that census messages remain at the forefront of national discourse. The commission recognizes that the timely completion of an accurate census is essential to address the socio-economic challenges that may arise from the removal of fuel subsidies. By providing the government with crucial data, the census will enable policymakers to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to mitigate the potential impact on vulnerable populations.

The NPC’s anticipation of a new census date from Tinubu’s administration reflects the recognition of the vital role that accurate population data plays in addressing socio-economic challenges. The postponement of the census has allowed for the fine-tuning of processes and systems, ensuring a successful transition to the first-ever digital census in Nigeria. The commission remains dedicated to fostering advocacy and ensuring that the significance of the census remains a central topic in national discussions. With the forthcoming census, the government will be equipped with the necessary information to navigate the socio-economic landscape, design inclusive policies, and foster sustainable development.

Source: Sun News Online

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