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NPC Latest News To Southern Region of Nigeria in 2023 Census Exercise

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National Population Commission Assures Participation of Southeastern Region in 2023 Census

NPC Latest News To Southern Region of Nigeria in 2023 Census Exercise

The National Population Commission (NPC) has provided reassurances that individuals with misgivings in the Southeast region of Nigeria will actively participate in the upcoming 2023 National Population and Housing Census. Hon. Ejike Ezeh, the Federal Commissioner representing Enugu State in the NPC, made this affirmation during a breakfast meeting with journalists. In response to concerns about the refusal of some agitators to participate in the 2006 census in the South East, Ejike disclosed that efforts have been made to engage various stakeholders and ensure broad participation, with several former skeptics now acting as ambassadors for the 2023 census.

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The National Population Commission (NPC) is determined to ensure that every segment of Nigerian society participates in the upcoming 2023 National Population and Housing Census, according to Hon. Ejike Ezeh, the Federal Commissioner representing Enugu State in the NPC. Addressing journalists at a recent breakfast meeting, he responded to a question concerning the refusal of certain agitators to partake in the 2006 census in the Southeast region.

Ezeh acknowledged the concerns expressed by some individuals in the Southeast and stressed that their participation was vital for an accurate representation of the region’s population. To address these misgivings, the NPC has actively engaged with key stakeholders, including Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the South-East governors, to foster understanding and cooperation. As a result, some of the initial skeptics have transformed into advocates for the 2023 census.

Emphasizing the significance of the upcoming census, Ezeh stated that the NPC is not solely focused on immediate requirements but also on establishing a strong foundation for future censuses. The last census conducted in Nigeria took place 17 years ago, and this prolonged gap has hindered effective planning for socio-economic development. By conducting an accurate and comprehensive census in 2023, the NPC aims to bridge this information gap and provide reliable data for evidence-based policymaking.



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The NPC commissioner expressed regret over the delay in conducting a new census and recognized its adverse impact on social and economic planning. Without up-to-date population statistics, it becomes challenging for the government and other relevant stakeholders to allocate resources, plan infrastructure development, and implement targeted social programs. Consequently, accurate demographic data obtained through the 2023 census will facilitate more effective decision-making processes and enable the Nigerian government to address the needs and aspirations of its citizens.

Ezeh assured journalists of the NPC’s preparedness to ensure that the 2023 census surpasses all previous editions in terms of quality and accuracy. Recognizing the importance of this task, the commission has taken various measures to enhance data collection methods, improve technological infrastructure, and train enumerators to ensure a seamless and efficient process. By adhering to internationally accepted standards and leveraging advanced technologies, the NPC aims to deliver a comprehensive dataset that can serve as a reliable foundation for future planning and development initiatives.

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Finally, the NPC’s commitment to inclusivity and comprehensive data collection for the 2023 census is evident. By actively engaging with stakeholders and addressing the misgivings of individuals in the Southeast region, the commission aims to secure their participation. This forthcoming census is not only crucial for the immediate needs of the country but also for building a solid foundation for future socio-economic development. The NPC’s dedication to conducting the best census in Nigeria’s history demonstrates its determination to provide accurate and reliable demographic data, which will facilitate informed decision-making for the country’s progress.

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