TapSwap Launches TAPS Token on TON Network Amidst Controversy

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TapSwap Launches TAPS Token on TON Network Amidst Controversy

TapSwap, a prominent player in the blockchain gaming space, has recently launched its TAPS token on the TON Network, introducing a novel “Tap-To-Earn” mining model. This innovative approach allows users to earn TAPS tokens through active participation on the platform. However, the launch has not been without its share of controversies, especially following their “Buy and Double Your Coin Offer,” referred to as X2, which has stirred discussions in the crypto community.


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The X2 Offer: How It Works

The X2 offer, prominently visible to users as a clickable option near their Tap coins, directs them to connect with various TON Network-compatible wallets, such as Telegram Wallet and Ton Keeper. By connecting their wallets to TapSwap, users can purchase double the amount of their coins at a price of 0.5 TON. This mechanism is designed to incentivize users to invest more into the platform, potentially boosting their holdings significantly.

Rival Notcoin’s Response

The move by TapSwap to implement the X2 offer has drawn criticism from Notcoin, a rival mining game. In a statement, Notcoin accused TapSwap of monetizing their community, something they claim to have avoided. Notcoin emphasized that during their mining phase, they neither requested money from their community nor engaged in paid marketing or token sales.

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Connecting TapSwap to Your Wallet: A Step-by-Step Guide

To withdraw your hard-earned Tap coins, you need to connect your wallet to TapSwap. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it:

  1. Download a TON Network-Compatible Wallet: Ensure you have a wallet like Telegram Wallet or Ton Keeper installed on your device.
  2. Connect Your Wallet:
    • Open the TapSwap application and navigate to the X2 offer section.
    • Click on the X2 option, which will redirect you to the wallet selection screen.
    • Choose your preferred wallet and follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to TapSwap.
  3. Purchase the Double Coin Offer:
    • Once connected, proceed to the X2 purchase section.
    • Confirm the transaction to buy the double coin offer at the set price of 0.5 TON.
  4. Verify Your Transaction:
    • After the transaction is completed, verify the increased balance in your TapSwap account.

Community Reactions

The launch of the TAPS token and the subsequent X2 offer has been met with mixed reactions. While some users appreciate the opportunity to increase their holdings, others echo Notcoin’s concerns about the ethical implications of such offers.

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Q: What is TapSwap’s TAPS token?
A: TAPS is a token launched by TapSwap on the TON Network, allowing users to earn through a “Tap-To-Earn” mining model.

Q: How does the X2 offer work?
A: The X2 offer allows users to double their Tap coins by purchasing additional coins at a price of 0.5 TON, after connecting their wallet to TapSwap.

Q: What is the criticism from Notcoin about?
A: Notcoin criticized TapSwap for monetizing their community with the X2 offer, claiming they never requested money or engaged in paid marketing during their mining phase.

Q: How can I connect my wallet to TapSwap?
A: Download a compatible wallet like Telegram Wallet or Ton Keeper, navigate to the X2 offer in TapSwap, select your wallet, and follow the instructions to connect it.

Q: Is the X2 offer beneficial?
A: It can be beneficial for users looking to increase their Tap coin holdings, but it has sparked debate about the ethical implications of such offers in the crypto community.


The launch of the TAPS token on the TON Network by TapSwap marks a significant development in the blockchain gaming industry. While the X2 offer presents an exciting opportunity for users to enhance their holdings, it also raises important questions about the ethics of monetization in decentralized platforms. As the debate continues, users are advised to stay informed and consider both the potential benefits and criticisms before participating in such offers.

Stay tuned for more updates and a detailed guide on how to maximize your earnings with TapSwap. For further insights and the latest news, keep checking our blog.

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