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Kebbi Governor Fires Special Adviser Over Inappropriate Social Media Post

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Kebbi Governor Fires Special Adviser Over Inappropriate Social Media Post

Kebbi State, Nigeria – In a swift and decisive move, the Executive Governor of Kebbi State, Dr. Nasiru Idris, Kauran Gwandu, has taken action against his Special Adviser on Youths, following an indecent post made on the individual’s WhatsApp status. The dismissal of the Special Adviser, Babangida Isa Fada, came as a direct consequence of his inappropriate social media activity.

Expressing his outrage at the incident, Governor Nasiru Idris emphasized that the offensive posting by his aide contradicted the moral and social values deeply ingrained in the predominantly Islamic society of Kebbi. Determined to uphold the integrity and dignity of the state, the Kauran Gwandu made it clear that his administration would not tolerate any behavior that undermined the morality and ethics of its people.

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In addition to the dismissal, Governor Nasiru Idris issued a stern warning to all public officials, cautioning them against engaging in such reprehensible conduct on social media platforms and other public forums. The Governor stressed the need for responsible and respectful use of social media, urging his colleagues to exercise prudence and avoid actions that may tarnish their reputations or compromise their responsibilities as public servants.

The prompt action taken by Governor Nasiru Idris in this case demonstrates his commitment to upholding the standards expected of public officials in Kebbi State. By swiftly dismissing the Special Adviser, the Governor has sent a strong message that ethical behavior and adherence to societal values are of paramount importance.

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The Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Ahamed Idris, officially announced the decision and signed the press release on July 10, 2023. The statement concludes by reaffirming the Governor’s dedication to maintaining the moral fabric of Kebbi State and ensuring that its public servants act with integrity and respect.

This incident serves as a reminder to individuals in positions of power and influence to exercise discretion and responsibility when using social media, recognizing the potential impact their actions can have on their personal and professional lives. Governor Nasiru Idris’ firm stance against inappropriate behavior on social media reinforces the importance of maintaining decorum in the digital age, especially for public figures who serve as role models in their communities.

As the news spreads, the Governor’s decisive action is expected to set a precedent for public officials across the state, emphasizing the significance of ethical conduct and responsible social media usage in upholding the values cherished by the people of Kebbi State.

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