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AVACOIN Partners With Dubai Gold Companies to Launch Marketplace for Buying and Selling Gold to USDT

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AVACOIN Partners With Dubai Gold Companies to Launch Marketplace for Buying and Selling Gold to USDT

AVACOIN, the leading virtual currency in the gaming world, has forged a groundbreaking partnership with Dubai-based gold companies to introduce a revolutionary Marketplace. This eagerly awaited addition promises boundless opportunities for all AVACOIN players, offering a platform where virtual gold can be bought, sold, and exchanged for real-world benefits.

What Can You Expect in the AVACOIN Marketplace?

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In the upcoming Marketplace, players will have the chance to trade their hard-earned gold grams for USDT, unlocking a plethora of exciting possibilities:

  • Sell Your Mined Gold Grams: Convert your mined gold into USDT effortlessly.
  • Purchase Claimed Gold Grams: Acquire gold grams with USDT, opening doors to exclusive in-game advantages.
  • Buy Real Gold: Explore the option to purchase physical gold from licensed providers, with the convenience of receiving it in Dubai.

Benefits for Sellers in the Marketplace

For those looking to sell their gold, the Marketplace offers the following perks:

  • Sell 1 gram of gold per month at the prevailing market price.

Benefits for Buyers in the Marketplace

Investing in gold through the Marketplace comes with a host of advantages:

  • Access to Claimed gold, which enhances gameplay and unlocks exclusive features.
  • Participation in AVACOIN token drops with a double coefficient for Claimed gold owners.
  • Opportunities for lucky sells, potentially fetching higher prices for your gold.
  • Enrolment in staking programs, earning additional gold grams monthly for holding Claimed gold.
  • Access to a private community for influential stakeholders, enabling voting on game innovations.
  • Increased click speed based on the quantity of Claimed gold owned.
  • Unique collectible skins and access to weekly lotteries and contests.
  • Discounts on Plot purchases and the potential for lucrative returns as gold value appreciates over time.

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Conditions for Participation in the Marketplace

To take advantage of the Marketplace, users must undergo a verification process.

AVACOIN’s partnership with Dubai gold companies marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry, bridging the gap between virtual and real-world assets. Prepare to embark on an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities as the AVACOIN Marketplace redefines the gaming landscape.

Question: How can I leverage the AVACOIN Marketplace to enhance my gaming experience?

Solution: The AVACOIN Marketplace provides a multifaceted platform for both buyers and sellers, offering avenues for trading, earning rewards, and accessing exclusive features. By participating in the Marketplace, players can optimize their gameplay, unlock new opportunities, and stay ahead in the dynamic world of virtual gaming.

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