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Price of Rice, Beans, Soya Beans, Garri and Other Commodities Today, 1st April, 2024

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Price of Rice, Beans, Soya Beans, Garri and Other Commodities Today, 1st April, 2024

Overview of Current Food Prices in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the cost of essential food commodities such as rice, beans, soya beans, garri, and others has become a matter of significant concern for the populace. The continuous surge in prices has sparked widespread unrest, with citizens grappling with the harsh realities of an increasingly expensive cost of living.

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Impact of Price Hikes on the Population

The recent escalation in food prices has triggered public outcry and demonstrations, highlighting the dire circumstances faced by many Nigerians. Reports of looting and protests underscore the desperation and frustration among the population as they struggle to afford basic necessities.

Detailed Breakdown of Current Prices


The price of rice varies depending on whether it’s locally produced or imported. As of today, the average cost of a 50kg bag of imported rice ranges from N60,000 to N94,000. This substantial price range reflects the challenges associated with accessing affordable rice for many households across the country.


Similarly, the cost of beans fluctuates based on factors such as cleanliness and variety. On average, a 50kg bag of beans is priced between N40,000 to N60,000. The variability in prices further exacerbates the financial strain experienced by consumers, particularly those with limited resources.

Soya Beans

Market research indicates that the current national average price for a 100kg bag of soya beans stands at N60,000. This essential commodity plays a crucial role in various food products and industries, making its affordability a significant concern for both consumers and manufacturers alike.

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Garri, a staple food in many Nigerian households, also faces notable price fluctuations. A 50kg bag of white garri typically sells for around N43,000, while yellow garri commands a slightly higher price of N45,000 per bag. Varieties such as Ijebu garri are priced at N40,000 for a 50kg bag, further illustrating the diverse range of prices within the market.

Other Commodities

In addition to the aforementioned staples, other food commodities such as palm oil and soya beans also contribute to the overall cost of living. Palm oil, a widely used cooking ingredient, is priced between N34,000 and N37,000 per 25kg. Meanwhile, soya beans are sold at wholesale and retail prices of N600,000 and N680,000 per ton, respectively.

Concerns and Implications

The relentless increase in food prices poses significant challenges for both consumers and the broader economy. Rising inflation and reduced purchasing power threaten the food security and well-being of millions of Nigerians. Additionally, the social unrest resulting from these price hikes further compounds the urgency of addressing this pressing issue.

Call to Action

As concerned citizens, policymakers, and stakeholders, it is imperative that we prioritize solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of escalating food prices. Sustainable interventions, including targeted subsidies, agricultural reforms, and income support programs, are essential to ensure equitable access to affordable and nutritious food for all segments of society.

In conclusion, the current state of food prices in Nigeria underscores the urgent need for concerted action to alleviate the burden on consumers and safeguard food security and social stability in the country.

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