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Current Petrol and Gas Price Update for Today, March 12th, 2024, in Nigeria

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Current Petrol and Gas Price Update for Today, March 12th, 2024, in Nigeria

Fueling up your vehicle is a routine task for most Nigerians, but the recent uncertainty in petrol prices has left many questioning what to expect at the pumps. As of today, March 12th, 2024, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has not officially disclosed petrol prices for this month. This article dives into the factors influencing the current petrol prices and explores the government’s response to this ongoing challenge.

Navigating the uncertainty surrounding petrol prices is a concern for many Nigerians, particularly on this day, March 12th, 2024. The lack of official petrol price release from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has left citizens curious and concerned about what to expect at the pumps.

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Estimated Price Range

As of now, an estimated petrol price range in Nigeria stands at ₦650 – ₦690 per liter. It’s crucial to note that these figures are based on January 2024 data, and actual prices may vary depending on the state and specific petrol station. The lack of updated information from NNPC adds an element of uncertainty to this estimate.

Reasons for High Petrol Prices

Several factors contribute to the persistently high petrol prices in Nigeria:

Global Crude Oil Price

The rise in global crude oil prices directly impacts domestic petrol prices. Nigeria, being an oil-dependent economy, is significantly influenced by fluctuations in the global oil market.

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Naira Devaluation

The depreciation of the Nigerian Naira against the US Dollar has made importing refined petrol a more expensive venture. This, in turn, contributes to the overall increase in petrol prices.

Refining and Transportation Costs

The entire process of refining crude oil and transporting petrol to stations incurs costs that are inevitably passed on to the consumers. These costs further contribute to the final retail price of petrol.

Subsidy Removal

The Nigerian government’s decision to partially remove fuel subsidies has played a pivotal role in the current price hike. The reduction of subsidies has shifted more of the burden onto the consumers.

Government’s Response

In response to the challenging situation, the government is exploring various strategies to bring down petrol prices:

Increased Domestic Refining

Efforts are underway to boost domestic refining capacity, reducing reliance on imported petrol. This strategic move could potentially stabilize and lower petrol prices in the long run.

Transportation Cost Reduction

The government is considering streamlining petrol transportation logistics to mitigate additional costs. This initiative aims to make the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Targeted Subsidies

To alleviate the impact on low-income earners, the government might implement targeted subsidies. This approach seeks to provide financial relief to those most affected by the high petrol prices.

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Impact on Ramadan

The ongoing high petrol prices could have repercussions on Ramadan celebrations:

Travel Difficulties

Increased transportation costs might hinder travel plans for those visiting family and attending religious gatherings during Ramadan.

Higher Food Prices

The indirect impact on food prices due to increased transportation costs could make essential items more expensive during the holy month.

Coping Strategies for Nigerians

In light of the current situation, adopting the following coping strategies is advisable:

Public Transportation

Utilize public transport options whenever possible to minimize individual fuel consumption and costs.


Share rides with colleagues or friends when commuting, reducing the overall fuel consumption per person.


Consider walking or cycling for short distances, not only as a cost-effective measure but also as a means of promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Price Comparison

Shop around for petrol stations offering the most competitive prices. Small variations can make a significant difference in overall expenses.

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Important FAQs

  1. When Will Prices Drop?
    • Unfortunately, there’s no confirmed timeline for a price decrease. It depends on various factors like global oil prices and government interventions.


In conclusion, the uncertainty surrounding petrol prices in Nigeria underscores the need for citizens to adopt proactive measures. While the government explores solutions, individuals can mitigate the impact by embracing alternative transportation methods and smart consumer practices.

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