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FCT Crushes Over 3,700 Impounded Commercial Motorcycles

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FCT Crushes Over 3,700 Impounded Commercial Motorcycles

In a bid to uphold traffic regulations and ensure road safety within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) has taken decisive action, crushing a staggering 3,712 impounded commercial motorcycles. This move comes as part of a broader enforcement effort, which also saw the impoundment of 1,408 motor vehicles and 1,112 tricycles between January and December 2023.

According to Mr. Kalu Emetu, the Head of Public Relations and Enlightenment at DRTS, the impounded vehicles and motorcycles were intercepted for various traffic violations across the FCT. While some vehicles were released to their owners following payment of fines and necessary repairs, those deemed unroadworthy met the fate of being crushed, preventing their resurgence on the streets.

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In line with FCT regulations, the destruction of these motorcycles and vehicles underscores the seriousness with which authorities approach the ban on commercial motorcycles and unworthy vehicles within the city. Notably, fines amounting to over N127.541 million were collected throughout 2023, highlighting the financial repercussions for traffic offenders.

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The statistics provided by DRTS reveal a consistent effort throughout the year, with a breakdown indicating 217 vehicles, 836 commercial motorcycles, and 298 tricycles impounded between January and March 2023. This enforcement momentum continued in subsequent quarters, with significant interceptions made to curb traffic violations and maintain order on the roads.



Emphasizing the legal framework supporting these actions, Emetu clarified that motorcycles impounded for violating traffic rules are automatically forfeited to the government, reinforcing the consequences of non-compliance.

As road safety remains a paramount concern, the FCT’s rigorous enforcement measures aim to instill discipline among road users and create a safer environment for all. By upholding regulations and enforcing consequences for violations, authorities strive to ensure smoother traffic flow and reduce the risk of accidents on FCT roads.

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